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In this competitive society, education can be demanding with students and parents striving to stand out among the crowd. On the other hand, our experience tells us belonging to a renowned independent school does not guarantee success (at least, in the subject of Spanish).

It is often the case that the foundations of a certain subject have not been entirely understood, with gaps of knowledge being created, which can make things very difficult for the student. Our results show that even during a short time, we can produce dramatic changes in a student’s results.

Strong GCSE results are a key first step towards successful university applications. Get impressive grades and a solid academic grounding with our targeted tuition, designed to suit your learning style, needs and ability.

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Testimonials people say

What people say about our services.

"David taught my son who has ADHD & Dyspraxia for 2 years and successfully helped him achieve success at both As and A level. David balances the challenge of being both strict about his expectations and fun at the same time. He is able to ensure input & output and my son had huge respect and friendship with him. My son past the Spanish grade needed to get him into his chosen university"

Barbara H

Parent of AS and A Level student in London

"David is a very enthusiastic and engaging tutor. His lessons are always well prepared, interesting and focussed. My daughter lacked confidence and was struggling with Spanish in Year 10 but with David's help she obtained an excellent understanding of spanish grammar and tenses and became much more confident particularly with the speaking and listening sections of the exam. She achieved a Grade 9 in her GCSE and wants to continue with Spanish at A level. I would highly recommend David as a spanish tutor"

Patsy J.

Parent of a GCSE student

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Structured programme

Our tuition programmes are created from day-1. Then, updated and adjusted according to the student’s progress, allowing us to use the sessions more efficiently.

Regular assessment

From the very beginning till the end of the year, the student will be regularly assessed, so that he/she does not panic before the tests. We will provide suited and consisted support.


The tutor will provide the teacher/parents evaluation and feedback regularly on his/her evolution and growth in the subject, especially when it comes to set targets.

Personalised support

A native tutor, experienced in all levels and ages, with understanding of your individual requirements and an effective learning style, will back the student in a programme customised for your needs.

How to book · easy steps

Single steps to register and book appointments wit theTuitionista.


Register in theTuitionista

First of all you must create an account in to book appointments or try a free class.


Log Into your account

Second one is to log in the system using your username and password registered in the first step: registration.


Do you want to try?

Once you have login in the system you can try one free class. Go to the booking page and select "Free trial" as your service.


Book your appointment

To make your appointment, once you have logged in, go to "Book Now" int the top menu. Then you will be directed to the Booking form.


Buy appointments

You can also buy an appointment or an appointments plan, and book for your appointments later (folowing the step 4). To do this Log In and select "Buy" option on the top menu.


Take your class

Once you have made your appointment, and it has been approved, you can meet with the Tuitionista in the date and time booked, using a Skype call. For this you can log in with your user and then you find a Skype button to call.

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