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an innate communicator destined to become an educator

David grew up in Seville (south of Spain), and as a young student he was always curious and passionate about communication and teaching. Even since before he graduated he was already helping younger students by tutoring them in subjects such as Maths, English or Spanish language and literature.

In 2001, right after he finished his BA in English Studies, he spent some time in New York and it was right after he was back home that he started teaching both English and Spanish to foreigners, which he developed a taste for, since he found working with students of all ages, levels and nationalities a very unique and enriching experience.

In 2008 he had a small teaching break as he moved to Madrid working for a renowned company as an academic coordinator and advisor for university students from the US. He enjoyed being part of the educational system’s ins and outs and obtaining a better understanding of the structure and organisation of university programs. However, his teaching side was claiming for a comeback, so in 2010 he started working in a public elementary school as a language teaching assistant, where he supported immigrant students with adaptation and special needs.

Due to David’s restless nature, he found himself moving to London in early 2012, where he obtained the Qualified Teacher Status and started teaching Spanish and English as a Foreign Language to all kinds of students: young, professionals, adults… He also worked as a teaching assistant in a couple of primary and secondary schools. It is then, when he learnt and studied the British curriculum and all the exam boards so that he could have a better understanding of what the best approach would be to work hand by hand with UK young students to be successful in both enjoying the subject and getting the desired grades. That lead him to broadening horizons and now he is helping and inspiring students who follow the UK curriculum worldwide through online tuition.

Testimonials people say

Some people say about my services.

"David taught my son who has ADHD & Dyspraxia for 2 years and successfully helped him achieve success at both As and A level. David balances the challenge of being both strict about his expectations and fun at the same time. He is able to ensure input & output and my son had huge respect and friendship with him. My son past the Spanish grade needed to get him into his chosen university"

Barbara H

Parent of AS and A Level student in London

David is a dedicated and professional teacher. He assessed my son’s abilities quickly and is working with him to narrow gaps and advance his knowledge. He recommended a grammar book to help. He has been working with my son for a term and we already see results. Highly recommended.

Einat H.

Parent of a IB Ab Initio student

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